Car AC Filter Car Air Purification


  • Vehicle Compatible for Chevrolet Beat 2010 to 2017 Type-1
  • This filter captures all pathogens and aerosols that can put you at risk. This Filter plays the role of an air sterilizer and the with carbon one is perfect for those who are allergic to certain smells.
  • This technology brings WHO Air Quality inside your car and protects you from PM2.5, PM10, germs, bacteria, odor, aerosols and pollen.
  • Conveniently fits inside the same slot where the ordinary non pm2.5 and non pollution filters are fitted.; breakdown resistant and dependent on cars ac fan system.
  • Car Cabin Filter is based on the world’s first Active Molecular Technology with minimum airflow resistance. It reaches WHO prescribed air quality inside the car within 2 minutes.











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Car AC Filter Car Air Purification